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Welcome to Conservatory Galleria

Experience a vibrant culinary destination on the pulse of downtown Houston. Our multi-level dining hall showcases 11 diverse food vendors and two unique bar concepts, curated by industry veterans.

Unveiling a Culinary Experience

About Us

Conservatory Galleria, located at 5353 W. Alabama, redefines Houston’s food scene with a dynamic mix of 11 gourmet food vendors and two stylish bars, offering an eclectic dining experience.

Our founders, Dr. Abdulla Kudrath, Chase LoVullo, and Roveen Abante, bring to life a vision of celebrating Houston’s rich culinary heritage through a fusion of flavors, creating a welcoming space for all.

Origins Rooted in Culinary Passion

Our Journey

Born from a shared love for diverse cuisines, Conservatory Galleria emerged to redefine Houston’s culinary landscape, offering a hub of flavors under one roof.

Embark on a culinary adventure with us as we continue to evolve and innovate, guided by a passion for exceptional food and warm hospitality.

Meet Our Culinary Curators

Our Team

Our dedicated team combines expertise and enthusiasm to craft a vibrant dining experience, ensuring each dish and drink is a celebration of Houston’s culinary diversity.

James Anderson


Sone Barker


Mile Barnes


Chris Davies


Experience Culinary Excellence

Join us at Conservatory Galleria and embark on a delectable journey today.

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